In recent years the increased number of hospital patients and nursing home residents has resulted in a greater need for qualified Nurse’s Assistants. The United States government passed legislation in 1989, which has greatly affected health care in nursing homes. New York State now requires nurses assistants to attend a state approved Nurses Assistants program.

Nursing Assistants play an important role in the care of people who are ill or injured. People are living longer. As people age, the need for health care increases, and so more services are need. Advanced technology means that more lives are saved. Although life is maintained, some of these individuals will need continuing health care.

Our Institute’s course is approved by the New York State Education Department. Students experience the real world of health care since all lessons emphasize job competency skills. No prior health care experience is necessary. Candidates must be in good physical health as verified by a health assessment. Candidates must meet the health requirements specified in the New York State Departments of Health and Social Service regulations


New York State requires Nurse’s Assistants to attend a state approved Nurse’s Assistant program. In order to work in a nursing home, they must be on the New York State Nurse’s Assistant registry. Many hospitals in the Metropolitan New York area are hiring only those Nurse’s Assistants who are on the Nurse’s Assistants Registry. This course is approved by the New York state Education Department